About Choice Motor Credit

Choice Motor Credit Headquarters Choice Motor Credit was established to provide specialized loan programs for the purchase and equity financing of specialty automobiles. As avid car enthusiasts and owners of world class car collections, the founders of the company realized that there was a definite need in today’s market for specialty auto loan programs. We customize our loans to meet each borrower’s specific needs. The type of loan, rates, payment schedule and term are all personalized for each borrower.

We designed a number of loan programs to accommodate the car enthusiasts that has less than desirable credit and that cannot qualify for conventional financing. Choice Motor Credit is able to provide private large equity title loans to these individuals that need quick cash as well offer financing to those that desire to purchase a specialty car. With the credit challenges facing the car enthusiasts in today’s trying to recover but still weak economy, we have been able to provide a simple and viable solution. The instant success of our specialty loan programs has made Choice Motor Credit a leader in this industry.

At Choice Motor Credit, we put our customers first. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and support and guarantee to process your loan expeditiously. We make the loan process simple. We are your CHOICE!